Medical Textile Building Blocks...for a Wide Variety of Clinical Applications

The world’s most advanced medical devices are benefiting from the improved flexibility and lifelike performance of biomedical textiles and custom structures.  From vascular grafts and surgical mesh to heart valves, sutures, and fabric scaffolding designed to aid in tissue engineering, medical textiles serve clinical applications throughout the body.   BMS has provided solutions for clinical applications including orthopedic, cardiovascular, general surgery, tissue engineering, bariatric, cosmetic surgery, dental, and veterinary markets.

Textile Building Blocks... Produced Specifically for Medical Applications

BMS is ISO 13485:2003 certified in the design, development and advanced manufacturing of biomedical textiles for medical devices and other advanced clinical applications in orthopedics, cardiovascular, general surgery, and tissue engineering. Proven medical textile engineering expertise and anatomic experience complements a purpose-built medical facility with state-of-the-art equipment and a streamlined workflow from product concept and prototyping through to full-scale manufacturing.

Textile Building Blocks... for Tomorrow's Breakthrough Medical Devices

Tomorrow’s most advanced medical devices are benefiting from the flexibility and performance of biomedical textiles and custom structures. BMS provides a comprehensive range of medical textile engineering and manufacturing capabilities to industry-leading medical device manufacturers who are committed to bringing the very best-performing devices to market. BMS specializes in knitting, braiding, weaving, needle-punch non-wovens, and custom solutions, including 2-dimensional, 3-dimensional, tubular, and composite textiles, and scaffolds composed from a variety of absorbable and permanent fibers.

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